Mallory Hill is the author of Terminal Regression, winner of the Authors First novel contest.

Published in January 2017, Terminal Regression tells the story of Laura Baily, a suicidal outcast in an otherwise perfect world.  When Laura’s attempt to end her life backfires, she discovers a secret society of criminals and misfits and realizes she’s not the only part of her world that’s broken.

Mallory Hill started writing at fourteen and has spent every moment since riddled with crippling anxiety over it.  But now she’s stepping out, being brave, and taking on the world like a real life adult.  In addition to writing, Mallory frequently performs in musicals at her local theatre. She also dabbles in the odd artistic endeavor, painting and crafting and what have you.  She is a recent graduate of Indiana University with a degree in anthropology and is in search of her next adventure, whatever that may be.