Dialogues of Consciousness: On the Subject of Unemployment

“Don’t be bitter, little miss. After everything you’ve been through, everything you have to be grateful for, don’t you dare start complaining again.” But, alas, the bitterness had crept inside and made itself quite at home within her unoccupied heart. It had been weeks now. If she’d been brave enough to acknowledge it, you might … More Dialogues of Consciousness: On the Subject of Unemployment

Let’s Talk Guilt

Because God and Suicidal Ideation Aren’t a Stellar Mix… When I was younger but evidently no less self-destructive, whenever I got upset I would pull out all my folders from under my bed. They were full of honor roll certificates and newspaper clippings and drawings I was especially proud of. Everything I’d accomplished or created … More Let’s Talk Guilt

To Infinity…

I suppose this is what’s known as a crossroads. Only in my case, there aren’t just two roads crossing but dozens, hundreds, an infinite network of roads all branching out from this moment right here. I guess that could be considered a good thing. At least I have options, it beats the alternative, right? But … More To Infinity…

Introducing Blog

This probably won’t get much use, but sometimes I feel like writing little snippets of things and this is the best forum I’ve got for putting stuff out there.  I’m not sure what we might get, it might get weird.  Stick with me if you like, if not, that’s your call. While this is primarily … More Introducing Blog

Back Track Trek

Please excuse the dopey title; this is the last excerpt before the release date, so I’m just having some fun with it. Anyway, this scene comes from a bit later in our story.  I’ve been trying not to give much away with these excerpts, and this scene is sort of the set up for the … More Back Track Trek

Final Hours

This week’s excerpt is about endings, which I thought would be appropriate for a New Years Eve post.  It also happens to be the very beginning of the book.  Endings and beginnings, I was sort of going for a theme here.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this bubble and have a happy New Year!!! Terminal … More Final Hours

Bruised and Broken

This week’s bubble focuses on Will’s job and how it’s slowly but surely destroying him.  We’ve seen a lot of mental damage inflicted by the plant, but this is the first time Laura sees him physically injured.  Hope you enjoy!  Click the link for the excerpt. Bruised and Broken


This week’s excerpt is a little scene between Laura and Will.  Things are starting to get more difficult and they can’t agree on a way to solve anything.  Will is breaking down, physically and mentally, and they only have so much time before he’s completely lost.  Hope you enjoy!  Click the link to read the … More Parallels