Runaway Train: a discussion of “Terminal Regression”

This is going to sound problematic, but you know how there are people who have a Bible verse for all of life’s situations? I have my book. I have a lot of books of course, but this little nugget of published wisdom not only addresses issues from my past, it has stayed current throughout my … More Runaway Train: a discussion of “Terminal Regression”

She Is Broken And Won’t Ask For Help

The healthy thing to do is reach out. Everyone has connections and resources available, you never have to struggle alone. That’s what they tell you. That’s how the outside views the problem. But when you’re deep in those trenches you have certain unwarranted anxieties associated with every little thing, anxieties you are fully aware of … More She Is Broken And Won’t Ask For Help


In days gone by the memory serves of one A phantom trapped within the bounds of time Though ordinary when life was begun And in the spring of youth all was sublime But quickly did the leaves of autumn fall Surpassing summer’s bounty in exchange For bitter cold and lack of wherewithal Forevermore this winter … More Ghost

Dialogues of Consciousness: On the Subject of Unemployment

“Don’t be bitter, little miss. After everything you’ve been through, everything you have to be grateful for, don’t you dare start complaining again.” But, alas, the bitterness had crept inside and made itself quite at home within her unoccupied heart. It had been weeks now. If she’d been brave enough to acknowledge it, you might … More Dialogues of Consciousness: On the Subject of Unemployment

Let’s Talk Guilt

Because God and Suicidal Ideation Aren’t a Stellar Mix… When I was younger but evidently no less self-destructive, whenever I got upset I would pull out all my folders from under my bed. They were full of honor roll certificates and newspaper clippings and drawings I was especially proud of. Everything I’d accomplished or created … More Let’s Talk Guilt

To Infinity…

I suppose this is what’s known as a crossroads. Only in my case, there aren’t just two roads crossing but dozens, hundreds, an infinite network of roads all branching out from this moment right here. I guess that could be considered a good thing. At least I have options, it beats the alternative, right? But … More To Infinity…